Bit Lasagna was formed because after years of working in IT for industry leading companies, I realized that there are common pitfalls that organizations will stumble into when trying to maintain large technology footprints for themselves and their customers.

Anyone who has worked in IT surrounding software development has probably heard the term “spaghetti code” – it’s usually not an endearing description of one’s work, but we’ve all seen it. It’s messy and often hard to scale or enhance. It’s usually not very portable. It’s hard to reconcile legacy features within the product. And worst of all it’s a term that’s gaining popularity among consumers as a way to describe products they use. You don’t want to be known for having a “spaghetti code” product.

Bit Lasagna is the opposite of “spaghetti code” – it’s well organized, it’s functional with purpose, it provides value, it’s integrated and it’s continuously delivered to it’s consumers. It’s secure. If “spaghetti code” is what people don’t want running the products they use – Bit Lasagna is what people expect from industry leading companies. Best of all we help instill the community of practice that breeds quality output so even long after we’re gone, your teams and products have the tools and know-how they need to be successful.

We strive to create best practices and quality products that empower their respective businesses to lead in their respective industries.

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